Wedding Feasts

This series ends the same way it began – with a meal.

My inspirations for the Commitment project were Yolanda and Kevin, a couple I met while making my first photo project in 2015. They had just gotten married at the Bronx Courthouse and were standing in line at Yolanda’s favorite vegetarian food cart: Fauzia’s Heavenly Delights. Kevin proudly held their marriage license for all to see. He told me they had met the year before but felt he had known Yolanda all his life.

As I was completing ‘Commitment’, I met Contreras and Armando of New Jersey in the park across the street from the Manhattan Bureau as they enjoyed their first married meal. Contreras fittingly wore a tiara – she was queen of Armando’s heart. Their matching colors were a feast for the eyes. I shared with them the story of Yolanda and Kevin and they were pleased they were completing the circle. While they did not bring any traditional token for luck, I suggested they were possibly starting a new tradition – every wedding anniversary would include hot dogs on the menu!

I thank all the couples who shared their stories with me – and send them my best wishes!



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