Travel and street photography of Venice or Venezia, Italy made by New York photographer Mary Catherine Messner (mcmessner).

Home – New York City

Two years ago I began an ongoing photography project to show Venice as a city where real lives are lived and quiet moments exist despite the din of mass tourism. I returned this past November to continue my work and found a city transformed – as so many cities around the world have been changed by the Covid virus.

Venice is currently enveloped by a peaceful, almost eerie quiet, its pace of life slowed considerably. However this new freedom from the excessive masses has brought with it heavy burdens.

What has not changed is the quiet dignity of its residents, their resolve and resilience; the same cultural traits displayed throughout the City’s long history.

My visit completed, I am safely back in New York

with gratitude,

renewed love,

and deep respect for

La Serenissima.

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