B&H Photographers Showcase

B&H, Photography, Travel, Street Photography

I am so excited to be part of B&H Event Space’s Photographers Showcase!


The B&H Photographers Showcase series highlights the work of B&H Event Space alumni who are currently engaged in creating mindful bodies of work, using the input from the free programs produced by the great people at the B&H Event Space. Each photographer will showcase their current projects and offer insight into what is behind their thought process and the gear they use to make their photographs in 30 minute segments.


In this Photographers Showcase, I will be joining two other current participants in the B&H Portfolio Development program: the magnificent Marco Catini (@marco.catini.photo ) and the ever avant-garde Alexis Holloway (@alexisholloway.space ).


Please join us ONE WEEK FROM TODAY on May 29th from 1pm to 3pm (EST)! The presentation can be attended in-person and/or watched on-line on either B&H Event Space’s website or FaceBook page. Remember, the FaceBook stream can be watched live or delayed.


Register here!


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